Tour Experience

Manidhamma talks about a historic site


DharmaJiva delegations are an opportunity to see the ‘real’ India that many visitors miss out on. We pass through cities, towns and rural areas, visit neighborhoods and meet local people and see how they live. It is not unusual to get invited to people’s homes for tea, and there are many opportunities to meet and socialize. There is plenty of time in the schedule for people to take walks and explore on their own or in small groups.

Our 8-12 person delegations are small enough so that people can get to know each other and have an experience of community. Participants come from different countries and backgrounds but share an enjoyment of travel and a common interest in India and Buddhism.

Accommodations are simple but provide basic services such as bedding, hot water and western-style toilets. Delegations stay in a variety of places including hotels, schools and monasteries.

Delegations generally travel in 6-8 passenger air-conditioned vans, but long inter-city travel is usually done by air. We arrange for good vegetarian food and purified water, and we can work to accommodate special needs.

A special feature of DharmaJiva tours is the seminars we arrange to provide background on India culture and society. Participants learn about a wide variety of topics from academics, activists and Dharma teachers.

Our tours are open to people from all Buddhist traditions and to people who are inspired by Buddhist values of wisdom, compassion and social justice. Our tours typically include people from Tibetan, Zen, Jodo Shin-shu, Triratna, Insight Meditation and other traditions.