Modern India

Buddhism in Today's India



modern2_squareDharmaJiva tours start with a ten-day visit to Central India to experience the amazing energy of modern Indian society and learn about an extraordinary social movement – the revival of Buddhism as a spiritual tradition

Although it is hardly known outside of India, in the last sixty years millions of people from the Dalit (formerly ‘untouchable’) community have converted to Buddhism and renounced the caste system that has oppressed them for thousands of years. They are creating a modern practice of Buddhism that emphasizes social improvement and human rights. Despite coming from the poorest sections of Indian society the ‘new’ Buddhists have created a network of social organizations and centers for training in meditation and Dharma.

DharmaJiva is the only organization that provides an opportunity to see this extraordinary social movement first-hand. Delegations visit social projects and retreat centers, meet meditation teachers and human rights activists, and join in public meetings. Tours include a visit to Nagaloka, a school and conference facility in Nagpur that is at the center of the Buddhist revival in India.


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